My Core Values

Why find the best property agent?

Sometime in your life when you will be looking for the prized possession.. a house to start building your home or to invest in for the future. Whatever the reason, finding the most suitable property on your own may be daunting and time consuming. There are numerous and diverse factors to consider, not including the various advices coming from all angles. Suddenly, everybody seems to be an expert in the real estate industry. That’s when you let the real expert come in to do the job for you. And not just anybody, but only the best to represent you.

Who is Matthew Leo?

There was once a boy who left his hometown in search of greener pastures. At the age of 7, the better future just meant getting a better education in terms of systems and recognition. Armed with only his precious blankie and whatever school materials that his parents could afford, he came to Singapore alone to live with his Aunties. By the time the rest of his family shifted over to Singapore, he has learnt to be responsible for his own studies. The family of 4 stayed in a rented room and over the course of his teenage years, he has shifted house more than 10 times. These days, he often tells others that in order to facilitate the move, their washing machine was on castors. From a tender young age, he understood what it meant to have a roof over your head and to be financially savvy. Throughout his early career, he has been in the service and sales line working with people from all walks of life and finally found his passion in the real estate industry more than a decade ago.

Why choose Matthew Leo?


Matthew treats all his clients with integrity, respect and authenticity. His clients stay with him over several years and over numerous projects as he has proven to be a trustworthy agent time after time. Hear it from his clients.


Yes! It is all about you ! Matthew can empathise with your needs and prioritise them on what is required to be done. Not only does he excel in the property industry, Matthew is also able to advise and recommend his network of trustworthy builders, contractors, bankers and financial advisors etc to help you settle into your new home.


Ever since joining this profession, Matthew has been constantly upgrading himself in terms of skills and knowledge so that he is able to provide you with the most relevant information to make informed decision, for the short term and the long term.


Matthew has experience working with and for a diverse clientele; from CEOs, executives, to overseas investors and upgraders etc. Whether you are buying, selling, investing or renting, he has a wide network to meet your needs effectively and hence ensuring satisfying results all the time. 


Being dedicated and committed, Matthew and his team members will relentlessly research and pursue until a satisfactory result is attained.